I'm using CC for 6 months now, and I'm happy with it so , obviously gave some donations as fair work deserve fair reward
Also as a game dev I must say I'm quite impress with what this app.

Anyway, I have a question for iRacing.

1 - Is there an official up to date manual on the forum somewhere ? Like all the default command , generic, and iRacing specifics.
2 - I found somewhere that there was a voice command "pitstop clear tires". But didnt manage to have it working.
Most voice command I use are "black box relative" "black box standings" etc.. with saying "chief" first.
But never manage to have all my tires uncheck in the black box tire when saying "pitstop clear tires" or "pitstop clear all tires"

I also managed to create my own commands like "say pass left" "say pass right"

So I tried my own "clear tires" that text #cleartires , but I never managed to get the app write it in the chat.

Any help would be appreciated.