since CC cannot be used in iRacing to spot slow cars, i need a solution.
i wanted CC for the ability to ask questions and the added support mostly. but i need to know when there is a slow car, so ive turned all settings for CC to randomly talk to me OFF, and i just use the iRacing spotter but CC still finds times were it wants to talk to me. is there a way to turn it completely off except when i ask it questions?
ALSO ive heard a great idea to replace the iRacing spotter with silent messages, EXCEPT the slow car messages. but that could cause overlap in conversations.
i assume that CC can not detect the iRacing spotter's messages in any way and just copy him, or i feel that downloading a completely silent iRacing spotter pack for CC to copy would also be a solution.

im thinking about removing CC because this is a problem for me and just wanted to check here first.