In Project Cars 2 I always want gaps fore and aft enabled, "Tell me the gaps", however recently, last new months I guess, I barely ever get the gaps each time I cross the line. In response to my instruction "Tell me the gaps" I do get an "okay I'll tell you the gaps", however I pretty much never get the gap behind, and sometimes I do get the gap to the car ahead once per lap, but most of the time not. I have reset my settings back to default to ensure that it's not something I have broken by changing a setting, however I still do not get anything. I can asked specifically "what's the gap behind?" and that works fine. Also it would be great if there was a tick box in the properties to just enable this constantly, it's like having a pitboard giving the gap behind and ahead which is pretty useful for adjusting your pace etc.

I have also tried putting the gaps ahead and behind up to 10, however that didn't appear to make any difference. I'm not sure if it's thinking that I am in qualifying instead of a race as it typically tells me my splits and how much I am off the pace or not, which during a race with variable tyre state and fuel loads, I don't really care about anyway.

Many thanks for this awesome bit of software btw, as a fellow developer I am really impressed and it makes Project Cars so much more enjoyable.