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Thread: Alternative Voice Pack: Czech Translation & Voice pack

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    Alternative Voice Pack: Czech/Slovak Translation & Voice pack

    I released Czech and Slovak voice packs for Crewchief with Czech language (text for program).
    Program version:
    Sound Pack version: 171+
    Driver Names version: 137+ and custom Czech and Slovak names / nicknames
    Personalisations version: 139+ and custom Czech and Slovak names
    Czech Voices: Jakub, Zuzana
    Slovak Voices: Feri, Filip
    Spotters: Balonek, Feri, Filip, Jakub, Zuzana

    Information about language pack (in czech language):


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    Thanks for doing this, I had a quick look and it sounds nice! Making this a sticky

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    Added Slovak voices + installer/autoupdater
    Pridany byly Slovenske hlasy + novy instalator, respektive program na aktualizaci hlasu

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