Version of the Crew Chief includes new rFactor 2 specific features. Basically, CC now has access to Message Center and track Pitlane Speed Limit data.

However, those features are off by default, because:

* Data is extracted by using unofficial means, not via rF2 Internals API. Since that is not supported, use this functionality at your own risk. It could potentially crash rF2, corrupting .json files, especially after game updates. I suggest having your .json files backed up. You've been warned

* Only English Message Center strings are recognized, if you are using another UI language, some functionality may not work.

To enable:
* Start Crew Chief in rF2 mode and allow it to update rF2 plugin.
* Start rF2 and exit the game (this will update CustomPluginVariables.json).
* set EnableDirectMemoryAccess: 1 in CustomPluginVariables.json
* if you want message center features, MC needs to enabled. I only tested "Message Center Detail":3 in player.json.

Here's how SM plugin configuration should look like (space before " Enabled" is required):

" Enabled":1,

Recognized MC messages:
"Crew Is Ready For Pitstop"
"Headlights Are Now Required"
"Stop/Go Penalty: Cut Track"
"Stop/Go Penalty: Speeding In Pitlane"
"Drive-Thru Penalty: Speeding In Pitlane"
"Stop/Go Penalty: False Start"
"Stop/Go Penalty: Exiting Pits Under Red"
"Stop/Go Penalty: Illegally Passed Before Green"
"Disqualified: Driving In Dark Without Headlights"
"Disqualified: N Laps"
"Enter Pits To Avoid Exceeding Lap Allowance"
"Wrong Way"
"Warning: Driving Too Slow"

Pitlane Speed Limit
CC will announce speed limit on pitlane approach (CC tries to guess that you approach pitlane, it won't always work on all tracks). Also, there's new voice command to ask about pitlane speed:

what's the pitlane speed limit
what's the pit speed limit
pit speed limit

CC will consider tracks with Speed limit above 200kph as having no speed limit.

Next steps:

  • I'll be adding more messages as I catch them.
  • I'll try making Stock Car Rules plugin work in both offline and online sessions.
  • Will see if it is possible to calculate optimal tire/brake temperatures based on static curves for currently selected car/tires/upgrade.

Big thanks:
Jim for recording a lot of new sounds
Morten our CCMC colleague for his technical expertise and code contributions that made this feature possible
@Nibo (rF2 Log Analyzer author) for a lot of work he put in testing this stuff and collecting traces