I was wondering if I could request the corner names and landmarks to be set for this track: https://www.racedepartment.com/downl...circuit.15846/

It is for Okayama Circuit GP version. here are the corner names:

01: First corner [First Corner] (?1????)
02: Williams Corner [Jonathan WILLIAMS] (??????????)
03: Moss Corner [Stirling MOSS] (????) First corner [First Corner] (?1????)
04: Atwood curve [Richard ATTWOOD] (????????)
05: Back straight [Back Stretch] (????????)
06: Hairpin
07: Revolver corner [Revolver Corner] (?????????)
08: Piper corner [David PIPER] (????????)
09: Red Man Corner [Brian REDMAN] (?????????)
10: Hobbes corner [David HOBBS] (????????)
11: Mike Knight Corner [Mike KNIGHT] (??????????)
12: Last corner [Last Corner] (??????)
13: Main Straight [Main Stretch] (????????)

The text that is underlined is what I'm requesting to be recorded! If you're capable of getting it also in Japanese that would be a god send! - But that's just icing on the cake at this point I would love the Crew Chief "Jim" variant voice (As of now I'm currently using my voice). If there can be variations included, that would be great!