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12-27-2018, 04:28 AM
I play mostly project cars

It seems the macros are broken for me.

I used to be able to ask for fuel as such "Add fuel 10 Liters" or Pit request by saying "Box this lap"

Neither is working. I just get a reply that crewchief doesn't understand. All other commands seem totally fine.

I thought maybe it wasn't loading the macros json correctly so I tried copying that to documents crewchief folder but that hasn't helped either.

I have also tried a few different voicepacks. En-US and EN-CA and neither helped.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Crewchief along with the voicepacks and runtimes hasn't helped either.

12-27-2018, 08:06 AM
There might be something in the console output. Fire up the app, select the game and press 'Start' - this will load the macro file and report any errors. Post the entire log here please.

Is this pcars or pcars2?

12-27-2018, 04:09 PM
I am playing project cars 2. Here is the output as requested. I have bolded what appears to be the causing the issue.

11:05:34.515 : Set pCARS (network data) mode from previous launch
11:05:34.523 : Starting app. Version:
11:05:34.647 : Using sound pack version 160, driver names version 134 and personalisations version 132
11:05:34.666 : Preparing sound effects
11:05:34.686 : Prepare sound effects completed
11:05:34.687 : Preparing driver names
11:05:34.711 : Prepare driver names completed
11:05:34.722 : Preparing personalisations for selected name Phil
11:05:34.727 : Using spotter: Phil
11:05:34.728 : Spotter Phil has oval-specific sounds - these will be used for tracks marked as 'oval'
11:05:34.792 : Prepare personalisations completed
11:05:34.794 : Preparing voice messages
11:05:36.281 : Prepare voice message completed
11:05:36.285 : Finished preparing sounds cache, found 6608 driver names and 2705 sound sets. Loaded 398 message sounds with 391 active SoundPlayer objects
11:05:36.286 : 248 sounds have personalisations
11:05:36.343 : Reading driver name mappings
11:05:36.348 : Read 2164 driver name mappings
11:05:36.349 : Reading driver name mappings
11:05:36.353 : Read 422 driver name mappings
11:05:36.388 : Loading controller settings
11:05:36.406 : Load controller settings complete
11:05:36.452 : Attempting to get recogniser for en
11:05:36.466 : English (Canada) - (en-CA)
11:05:36.533 : Speech engine initialized successfully.
11:05:36.546 : Loading all voice command alternatives from speech_recognition_config.txt
11:05:36.652 : Attempted to initialise speech engine - success = True
11:05:36.826 : Checking for updates
11:05:37.215 : Got update data from primary URL: **no URL allowed in post**
11:05:37.223 : Check for updates completed
11:05:55.270 : Pausing console scrolling
11:05:55.273 : Using game definition pCARS (network data)
11:05:55.349 : Loading user-configured command macros from Documents/CrewChiefV4/ folder
11:05:55.625 : No macro voice triggers defined for the current game.
11:05:55.678 : Loaded 96 default car class definitions and 0 user defined car class definitions
11:05:55.713 : No user defined landmarks found
11:05:55.715 : Listening on default audio input device
11:05:55.717 : Running speech recognition in 'hold button' mode
11:05:55.719 : ThreadManager: Wating for root threads to start...
11:05:55.723 : ThreadManager: Root threads started
11:05:55.741 : Starting queue monitor
11:05:55.743 : Monitor starting
11:05:56.091 : Playing sounds, events: COMPOUND_smoke_test_chief
11:05:56.092 : (radio_check/test)
11:05:56.554 : Polling for shared data every 100ms
11:05:56.559 : Initialising...
11:05:56.563 : Listening for UDP data on port 5606
11:05:56.872 : There are 1 more events in the queue, playing them...
11:05:56.873 : Playing sounds, events: COMPOUND_smoke_test_spotter
11:05:56.873 : (radio_check_Phil/test)
11:05:56.874 : PlaybackModerator: Injecting: end_bleep and alternate_short_start_bleep messages. Spotter interrupted Chief.
11:05:58.499 : PlaybackModerator: Closing radio channel as Spotter
11:05:59.126 : Took 22.84s to lazy load remaining message sounds, there are now 7743 loaded message sounds with 396 active SoundPlayer objects

12-27-2018, 04:17 PM
It's not working because you're using pcars 1 udp mode. Any reason why you're not using pcars2 shared memory mode? It really is much better.

12-27-2018, 06:58 PM
Thanks Chief! I completely forgot I changed it when i was testing some dashboard apps. Everything is back to normal now.

06-13-2019, 12:04 PM
Thanks Chief! I completely forgot I changed it when i was testing some dashboard apps. Everything is back to normal now.

I tried to command macro editor but each time i click on the button i get unhandled exception..

i tried to delete the json but it did not help the json gets recreated

thank you

06-15-2019, 03:42 PM
clicking the "command macro editor" button? It works for me - which json did you delete? saved_command_macros.json in Documents/CrewChiefV4/ ?

which version of the app are you on?

Do you have the actual error message or EventLog .Net error?