View Full Version : Crew Chief Conflict with PC2Tuner?

11-18-2018, 08:29 PM
Been running PC2 Tuner and now added crew chief. If I try to run both together, it kicks PC2 Tuner off, or gives PC2 Tuner an error message and won't let it run analysis. I suspect it may be because they are trying to share the same resource in shared memory. I've got "PC Cars 2 / UDP 1 / PC Cars 2" selected in settings . CC works in 64 bit mode though with PC2 Tuner, but gives errors in timings etc (as per the notes). Is there a way to get both working with CC using the better mode (forgotten what that is called...). Think CC is ace btw! (Apart from dodgy timings when using 64bit mode - which I hope someone can help me fix)