View Full Version : As of last night upon starting CrewChief I get the static but no "radio check"

10-15-2018, 06:31 PM
Was told to post Console Output from mr_belowski. It is...

13:24:42.366 : Pausing console scrolling
13:24:42.366 : Using game definition iRacing
13:24:42.464 : Loading default command macros from installation folder
13:24:42.466 : Loaded 16 macro voice triggers into the speech recogniser
13:24:42.468 : Loaded 95 default car class definitions and 0 user defined car class definitions
13:24:42.481 : No user defined landmarks found
13:24:42.489 : Running speech recognition in 'always on' mode
13:24:42.493 : waiting for trigger word Chief
13:24:42.495 : ThreadManager: Wating for root threads to start...
13:24:42.496 : ThreadManager: Root threads started
13:24:42.499 : Starting queue monitor
13:24:42.503 : Monitor starting
13:24:42.506 : Polling for shared data every 100ms
13:24:42.765 : Playing sounds, events: COMPOUND_smoke_test_chief
13:24:42.766 : (radio_check/test)

Was working just fine for me during my DGFX race on Saturday...default audio device is selected....

*edit 1: Just started working randomly as I was finalizing this post but will leave said post here as a reference. The only thing I tried was maybe switching the games and then reverting back? Have no idea the proper troublshoot I went through. Regardless, great app!