View Full Version : Crew Chief Incorrectly Identifying Car Classes

09-17-2018, 06:42 PM
On three tests, and making sure everything that I am able to control stays the same (car[Acura GT3], car classes [LMP1, LMP900, GT3, & GT4], weather [Heavy Fog, Fog, Medium Cloud, Light Cloud with it synced to the race], track [Mojave Cougar Ridge], number of laps [40]) and when I would be lapping a GT4 car, the crew chief would tell me that that there is a faster car coming up behind me while the higher class cars are nowhere close or have retired, from running out of fuel since there is no pit road, and would do that each time I would pass one of the cars. I have done the trace and even saved a replay of the race if you need to see it for reference.

09-17-2018, 06:55 PM
Great, if the issue is present and we can reproduce it by running the trace we'll be able to track it down. Where are you going to upload the trace?

[edit] just done a race with the same classes but at a different track (I don't have Mojave) and it worked correctly, so I guess it must be something related to the missing pit or some other quirk of the track. I'd *really* like to get my hands on the debug trace because I suspect what you're seeing is actually a symptom of a more fundamental problem with timings

09-18-2018, 08:55 AM
thanks for the debug trace. I didn't realise you were playing pCars1 (or pCars2 on console). The issue here is that pCars1 mode doesn't send opponent car class data - it only sends the player's car class and a single boolean flag 'is-same-class-as-player' for each opponent. So the app knows you're in a GT3 car and is knows that some opponents are in a different car class but it doesn't know which classes.

Unfortunately there's nothing i can do to fix this. The pCars2 UDP (network data) mode simply doesn't work (SMS never bothered to fix it) and the pCars1 UDP mode is very limited.

If you're playing on console or PC? If you're playing pCars2 on PC I strongly recommend using pCars2 shared memory mode in-game and pCars2 mode in the app