View Full Version : "Less verbose feedback" voice command

07-05-2018, 05:07 PM
I don't know if this is already available in CC (if so, I beg pardon), but a really useful feature in the F12016 engineer was to have different levels of verbosity.

I explain it better:

when you're racing and you're not under pressure, you want to have all the infos you need: what the leader is doing, what the car in front is doing, your lap times, the deltas, etc. But when you're under pressure, like following or having a car follow you closely you just want to focus on your driving and on the situation close to you, so like if the car is getting closer, your gaps, if your lap time is faster or slower than the car behind, etc.

Right now (IIRC) we only have the option of shutting the engineer down, leaving the spotter on. So he'll stay shut on everything, you won't get the super long, annoying delta messages, but you won't also get updates on the gaps, on your laptimes, etc.

It would be cool to have an under-pressure mode, where the engineer only focuses on the battle, keeping it as short as possible and leaving out the rest of the race from his reports.