View Full Version : Version - Position is incorrect, lap time (fastest lap) is incorrect

07-05-2018, 02:29 PM
There is some new bugs showing up on this build. One of them is my position in the race. It's wrong in more than one form too. For example, not sure if it's related but my iRating put me in as car #7. During the race I was in 9 position and it said "you're currently 7th". Another time when I never passed anyone and my position never changed in the race in two laps back to back it said I was in 8th and the next lap it said I was in 7th. I was in neither of those positions on both laps.

There is times when it states I just ran my fastest lap of the race/practice and that is incorrect as I know I have ran a faster lap previously in that session.

08-27-2018, 04:14 PM
I get this also. In addition sector delta times between me and the pace setter are off, in one session it was telling me "sector 3 time is 15 seconds off the pace".