View Full Version : Doesn't Work with 7.1 Audio... Only Stereo

06-23-2018, 03:04 PM
So I was setting up CrewChief for PC2 and noticed the test when I hit "start application" didn't work. If I change my sound settings in control panel (windows 10) to stereo, then it works and I can hear the sound check. If I change my sound to 7.1, then I don't get any audio from CrewChief during the sound check.

This is a bummer because I really want the 7.1 audio... I have a 7.1 audio configuration setup and it makes the sound super immersive.

Is there a way to make CC work with 7.1 audio?


06-23-2018, 03:23 PM
Nevermind... now it seems to work. Not sure what I did. I switched back and forth between stereo and 7.1 and now it works. Maybe I had the app open before or something. Either way... working now! Now I just need to configure Project Cars 2 and I will be good to go.