View Full Version : Request: Expand "Report fuel/battery status" bindable action

06-19-2018, 09:11 AM
I struggle with voice recognition a lot. I have a terrible accent and it often takes many, many tries to get the commands to work.

The thing is I love crewchief anyway and it is a great piece of software. The thing that helped me already a lot is that you can bind some actions to buttons. Honestly my dream would be that you could freely bind any voice command that is not dynamic in some way to a button (I have a big button box :p), but that seems like a ton of work and I understand if that is not planned for the future.

However for my racing by far the most important command is: "how much fuel to the end"

Also you have the bindable (assignable) action: "Report fuel/battery status"

My wish would be, that if you press the button assigned for "Report fuel/battery status" crew chief would also tell me "how much fuel to the end" is needed. Alternatively a bindable action separately just for "how much fuel to the end" would also do the job.

If this would be possible it would be a great help for me. Thank you for this great software :D