View Full Version : Feature improvement: crash reports

05-21-2018, 08:50 PM
Currently when CC detects crash somewhere around the track, it either days "There's an incident in <corner xyz>, it seems it is <driver name>" or something like that. This is absolutely fine. But when driver name is not in database, the Magi is rather "P nine just binded it in <corner xyz>" ... not citing, but the message is similar. Problem is, that this P9 was actually e.g. race leader (P1) in time of the incident, lot of cars overtook him and CC reports him as ninth already. Not much information for me as the driver though - who was involved? I don't know.
Wasn't it better to rather say "Car number #N just crashed here and there and lost N positions..." or whatever, just to get at least some info, who crashed. This is problem probably just for iRacing, as positions in iR are re-calculated only on finish line, but CC calculates positions according to track distance "real time". But car number is static, so still better to announce that.

05-23-2018, 07:57 PM
May not be possible if, like the name, the number isn't available in whatever way CC is referencing. But I agree, I'd prefer a behavior of 1) If <name> available, use, else 2) if <number> available, us else 3) use position.

Just knowing that someone has crashed and where is awesome. If it's ahead of me, I can anticipate the scenario a bit more.