View Full Version : No CC audio/speech recognition when new default audio device appears after CC starts

05-02-2018, 06:22 PM
So far I have CC autostart with system, as I use PC only for racing. Recently I bought Vive Pro, which has its own sound card (some USB sound card + built in non-removable headphones + mic). Issue is, that when PC starts, CC autostarts and after that I am turning on Vive, which creates new default audio output and input. CC cannot react on that, even those devices are automatically recognised by OS as default.
Only solution so far: disabling CC autostart, having Vive started first, than starting CC -> everything is OK.

I also tried nAudio, but in the list of devices there is no "System default" to be selected (there is no such option), I can select only real at-the-start-of-CC existing devices.

Is there any possibility, that CC always sends and receives audio from default device, no matter what real audio device is actual selected as default? I do not understand CC code, so maybe this is total nonsense what I am writing.