View Full Version : There is no sound records stored in pace_notes folder

04-27-2018, 12:34 PM
Documents\CrewChiefV4\pace_notes\ASSETTO_64BIT\GT2 \glava-zete_glavazete\metadata.json

"description": "",
"gameEnumName": "ASSETTO_64BIT",
"carClassName": "GT2",
"trackName": "glava-zete:glavazete",
"entries": []

I was about to try the voice recording feature for making pace notes at the first time. Voice recognition works fine, required packages were installed.
The console shows all the speeches started to record, but metadata.json tells nothing was recorded, and no .wav files to find. My question is, do I have to Voice Recorder (Windows) installed properly to get the notes working? windows10x64 Or may something wrong with the custom rally track or AC?

Thanks for the help!