View Full Version : What data is (un)available from iRacing SDK?

04-19-2018, 04:06 PM
I was running Crew Chief in an Indy Fixed race last night, and it seemed like the app could not provide any data about my car other than fuel level.

Requested tire temps - "We don't have that data"
Requested tire wear - "We haven't got that data"
Requested brake temps - Silence (may have given command incorrectly)
Requested fuel needed - "You've got plenty of fuel"

Is this due to iRacing not providing the data to Crew Chief? Is it possible to get a list of what data iRacing does/does not provide so we know which commands will not work?

The Iron Wolf
04-19-2018, 04:42 PM
Yes, iRacing does not provide that data. AFAIK, we pretty much only have fuel and oil temp data, but Morten could correct me here. Also note that iRacing doesn't even provide us with live positions, so asking positions of competitors or even your position might lead to inaccurrate info, because what we do is a pile of horrible guesswork we shouldn't really do.

However, I am reading iRacing SDK description and it seems like some things, like wheel rotation speed (good for spin/lock messages), some real time temperatures, might be available for vehicles that have sensor in real life.

If you would like, you could capture a trace of your Indy races (see our General forum on how to do that), and I'll check if Indy has any more data than cars I tried.