View Full Version : Re: Need Advice for Best Audio Setup

02-28-2018, 01:13 PM
I am using CC on the Android App for Project Cars 2. I have it programmed so that the crew chief that comes standard with PC2 is played through the speaker on my PS4 Pro wireless controller; while the remaining track audio etc. is played through my TV speaker. Is there a way that I can have CC played through one of those speakers or not? I find that I have a hard time hearing CC through the speaker on my Android 7.0 phone. Or I guess that I can just plug in a small set of earbuds in my phone to hear CC. Any advice for the best audio setup for CC would be appreciated.

03-04-2018, 02:17 PM
Purchase a small Bluetooth speaker for your phone?
I picked one up for less than £10 that would be more than capable for using for CC, plus you'd then also have a portable speaker should you need music if say you went camping :)

03-04-2018, 03:48 PM
Be careful using bluetooth with the Android version of CC. The Android network stacks are, in technical terms, "completely arse" and they often share resources between bluetooth and wifi. On some devices this can mean that an active bluetooth connection prevents the device from receiving UDP packets :(