View Full Version : Request to eliminate "shhhh" command

02-21-2018, 04:22 AM
I mainly race in VR with Oculus in Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2. I have Crew Chief running with voice commands always on. I like spotting calls and general updates. However, due to the location of the mic in the Oculus headset, when I breath out slightly more than a usual breath, the voice command interprets it as a "shhhh" and Jim promptly states "okay, no more updates". Would it be possible to eliminate or turn off "shhhhh" as a recognized command? It happens a lot and I have to counter with "keep me posted" several times throughout a race.

Very happy customer. Crew Chief is awesome!

03-04-2018, 02:14 PM
Why don't you just switch to activating voice control via one button? as that method will solve this issue immediately