View Full Version : Fuel Planning Values

02-18-2018, 03:17 PM
I'm really enjoying Crew Chief app, thank you! For live fuel planning I'm coming from kutu with the voice announcement every lap saying how much fuel at pit stop. Before the race I use Fuel Buddy to do initial planning. I found kutu to be extremely accurate and useful.

Therefore, my question is regarding Crew Chief fuel numbers. I've been asking CC "how much fuel to the end" and I'll get a number. Typically this number is much higher than what I had planned for so I spend too long in the pits and end with 5-6L in the tank. Not bad but it leads to my question below:

How is the CC "fuel to the end" number calculated and is there a buffer added to this? I'd like to know where the numbers come from so I can feel comfortable with them or adjust appropriately.

I think I read somewhere it takes the last 3? laps and calculates that way. Is there a more accurate way to calculate and is it possible for a user defined buffer? E.G. The app calculates I need 20L until the end but I've defined that I want the app to add 3L to this. As a result the app then replies that I need 23L to the end.