View Full Version : Disqualified! Because of CrewChief?

02-11-2018, 07:50 PM
So, I just was disqualified from an Indy Fixed race at Daytona. This is my 1st race after installing the CrewChief app.

I had a black flag for speeding in the pits. The very next lap I pitted. My car went up on jacks and was serviced. When it dropped, I was shown "Serving Penalty" for 20 seconds. I exited the pits but the flag never cleared. 2 or 3 laps later - Boom DQ.

What's up???? CrewChief related?

I have also posted on iRacing


02-11-2018, 08:49 PM
nothing to do with CC, the app only reads data sent by the game, or makes pit option adjustments

02-12-2018, 12:37 AM
It seems as though there was a problem within iRacing somehow.

I knew i properly served a penalty, and In the back of my mind i hoped the lingering flag was an interference with Crewchief that kept it from clearing.


Now I just need to spend some time learning this cool app.

02-18-2018, 02:17 AM
nice dud