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02-01-2018, 04:23 PM

Love the spotter, mate of mine been using for a while so i thought i would jump in.

Donation pending.....

Is there a way to re-assign the keystrikes from voice commands?

Example, i say "black box fuel" and it hits F4. Because i have button boxes i already have the fuel black box allocated to a button on my button box, not the F4 key.

So can i make me saying "black box fuel" trigger anything other than F4? ie game controller "x" key "x"

I really need to be able to change nearly all of the keystrikes, as i have lots of buttons assigned other than F#

Is there any way to do this? Bit of a deal breaker for me unfortunatley.

Thanks in advance

02-01-2018, 05:03 PM
no, the app can only press keyboard keys. Support for wheel buttons and other device buttons is on the long-term to-do list