View Full Version : Did my Chief just ask me if I was okay after a nasty crash?

01-25-2018, 02:10 PM
Well... that was interesting... and awesome...

Yesterday I was attempting an rfactor 2 race at the 1968 version of Spa with the sixties formula 1 cars.
Anyone that has tried/done this knows it's pretty hectic and there's often some crashing going on.
During my fourth or fifth attempt at making it through lap one, I went wide in Stavelot at high speed and ended up flying into the house on the outside of the track there. When the car had settled down, the chief asked me if I was okay because "it had been a big crash". I was in VR and a bit shaken after spinning and flipping the car so I was still counting the amount of wheels I had left when the chief begged me to respond and tell him I was okay. Without thinking twice and realizing this "chief" isn't an actual real person I replied with "yeah yeah, I'm fine", upon which he said it was good to hear me... :D

+1000000 for immersion right there!

The whole VR thing is pretty immersing as it is, but that one moment... wow... that was amazing.

I know posting this here is like preaching to the choir, but I just had to share this anecdote because I cannot stress enough how cool CrewChief is, and having a random (basically unessential) detail like this makes it sooo good!

01-25-2018, 03:13 PM
thanks for the kind words. There are a few little 'easter eggs' like that in the app - just stuff that plays very occasionally in very specific situations. Nice to hear that it works properly :D

02-10-2018, 10:03 PM
Great Story Robin, really shows how those little details in passion projects like crewchief really make the difference.

One of my favourite features is the sweary mode, because at times it has really given me a shot in the elbow.
There was this moment where I had one behind me and I had been defending for a few laps, and he clearly had the pace on me.....and well, I think he got inside my head and I was close to giving up and then the chief came on the air and wen't "Don't let that little shit intimidate you!........" and then something like keep him behind and you got this.

And well, it switched me out of it, kicked the opponent out of my head and I was able to fend that opponent off until the checkered flag and I won that race.

P.S. I hope you can excuse that little bit of thread necromancy Mr. Belowski. ;)