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01-14-2018, 09:54 PM
I've just come out of a league race (Oval, Practice (50m) -> Single Car Quali (10m) -> Race (70L/60m). Around half way through I used the voice recognition feature to get the fuel I'd need to add in the pitstop to make it to the end. It replied that I had loads of fuel. This seemed unlikely at the time, as I'd previously calculated I'd need to add 45L at some point. I tried it another couple of times during the race, and got the same answer.

Later in the race (around lap 45) , I got the message that I only had a lap of fuel left. Asking for the fuel needed to get to the end still gave me the reply that I had loads left.

Looking at the console log after the race, it seems to be calculating the number of laps left incorrectly. Attached is the console log from the race. Timestamp 21:28:36.795 seems to be one of my attempts to get the info I want. It states that I've got -1 laps remaining, which I'm guessing is the source of the issue. It's odd, because 21:04:59.014 has the correct number of laps at the start of the race, and 21:28:01.016 has the correct number of laps that I'd completed.

I've got the full replay file (.rpy) of the race available, if that'd help, but it's 1Gb and I'd rather not upload it if I don't have to.

01-28-2018, 11:15 AM
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