View Full Version : Failing to initialize speech recognition on new PC

Smoky McAshtray
01-05-2018, 07:50 PM
I had Crew Chief previously installed on my old machine and had it up and running with no problems. I have just built a new rig, and now I can't get speech recognition to initialize. I salvaged and re-used the sound card from the previous machine in the new build, and am also using the same microphone. I have installed both x64 and x86 versions of SpeechPlatformRuntime.msi and MSSpeech_SR_en_TELE.msi as well. Is there something I'm missing? Below is the error message I'm receiving in the console.

14:45:37.603 : Attempting to initialise speech recognition for user specified location en
14:45:37.624 : Unable to initialise speech engine with voice recognition pack for location en. Check that SpeechPlatformRuntime.msi and MSSpeech_SR_en_TELE.msi are installed.
14:45:37.624 : Exception message: No recognizer of the required ID found.
Parameter name: culture
14:45:37.624 : Attempted to initialise speech engine - success = False

01-05-2018, 08:57 PM
uninstall the both SpeechPlatformRuntime installs and the language pack (MSSpeech_SR_en_TELE). Then reinstall just the 64bit runtime and then the language pack

Smoky McAshtray
01-05-2018, 10:02 PM
Forgot to mention, I've done that as well, but I'll give it a go again.

::Edit:: Figured out that I had forgotten to reinstall the language pack. All is good now! Thanks!