View Full Version : Wrong place at end of race

11-20-2017, 08:32 PM
Just been setting FFB and things up in pCars1 after a long hiatus, and I was racing a small grid of Radicals at Oulton (10 opponents), and twice CC kept me accurately informed of my placing during the race but at the end I'm told I finished lower than my actual placing, eg I finished 8th or 9th (holds head in shame) but was told I was 10th and then, in the next race, after being told of my impending podium (3rd) the spotter then told me I crossed the line in 4th (though I was still 3rd). Has this ever been observed before? It's no biggy as the race is over but I thought I'd give some feedback.
BTW I've not seen/heard it in rFactor2
v4.8.1.1 and brand new sound packs today