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02-28-2017, 05:14 PM is now live, which supports the recent (28 Feb 2017) changes to Raceroom's shared memory. This update adds new time sounds (less robotic), a simple Help page, revised controller handling (the app only scans for controllers when you press the 'scan' button, and remembers them for the next session), improved start up time, and a huge update to RFactor2 functionality (yellow flags, caution periods, many other improvements).

There are a ton of changes 'under the hood' so there's always a risk that something's been broken - give me a kick and I'll give you a fix :)

03-12-2017, 09:49 AM
Hello, Mr B...
I had some bugg with the previous version, I hope The new update will fix them..
By the way, thx for the great work !!!

06-20-2017, 09:36 AM

06-20-2017, 09:37 AM
Hello CC Team,

since last updates, the "radio check" appears to be gone, if i do "stop" and restart application, then the radio check is there.
is this normal?

11:27:16.947 : Starting app
11:27:16.984 : Set Race Room mode from previous launch
11:27:17.048 : Minimum sound pack version = 105 using sound pack version 113, driver names version 119 and personalisations version 112
11:27:17.075 : Preparing driver names
11:27:17.100 : Prepare driver names completed
11:27:17.102 : Preparing sound effects
11:27:17.106 : Prepare sound effects completed
11:27:17.106 : Preparing personalisations for selected name Silvano
11:27:17.122 : Prepare personalisations completed
11:27:17.123 : Preparing voice messages
11:27:19.093 : Prepare voice message completed
11:27:19.094 : Finished preparing sounds cache, loaded 4054 single sounds and 1819 sound sets, with 1276 active SoundPlayer objects
11:27:19.094 : 139 sounds have personalisations
11:27:19.105 : Reading driver name mappings
11:27:19.107 : Read 1675 driver name mappings
11:27:19.107 : Reading driver name mappings
11:27:19.108 : Read 422 driver name mappings
11:27:19.117 : Loading controller settings
11:27:19.148 : Load controller settings complete
11:27:19.233 : Checking for updates
11:27:19.903 : Got update data from primary URL: http://thecrewchief.org/
11:27:19.907 : Check for updates completed
11:27:24.978 : Using game definition Race Room
11:27:25.270 : Loaded 68 default car class definitions and 0 user defined car class definitions
11:27:25.292 : Listening for buttons
11:27:25.303 : Starting queue monitor
11:27:25.306 : Monitor starting
11:27:25.316 : Polling for shared data every 100ms

this is what happens in the first "start application", now if i stop and restart, it comes like this:

11:37:34.920 : Using game definition Race Room
11:37:34.952 : Loaded 68 default car class definitions and 0 user defined car class definitions
11:37:34.958 : Listening for buttons
11:37:34.960 : Starting queue monitor
11:37:34.962 : Monitor starting
11:37:34.963 : Clip for event radio_check/test is already queued, ignoring
11:37:34.964 : Polling for shared data every 100ms
11:37:34.973 : Setting background sounds file to dtm_pit_window_closed.wav
11:37:35.431 : Playing sounds, events: radio_check/test
11:37:36.187 : *** Processed radio_check/test
11:37:36.642 : Purged 1 sounds, there are now 1276 active SoundPlayer objects

EDIT i did some try and when i first start application, the radio check comes in just a moment after i launch the game.
So everything is ok, sorry for hijacking in this tread :cool:

06-21-2017, 09:02 AM
I just wanted to point out this cause before the last update, the radio check came right away.

The Iron Wolf
06-21-2017, 04:40 PM
thanks for bringing this to our attention, we're looking into it.

03-31-2018, 03:10 PM
I tried to reply to you Iron Wolf in the No sound in R3E Thread but it comes up with this error ... An error has occurred Brenton! You must have 2 posts in order to post links. Your current post count is 1.