View Full Version : Bind key to chat message

04-06-2020, 09:12 AM

Im new to Sim Racing and found the excellent Crew Chief program.

I need help with binding key to chat commands i Raceroom.

How do i bind like, Key Z to chat "say sorry" and where do i put it?

This is from my "saved_command_macros.json". Is it the correct file to edit?

Thanks in advance!

"macros": [
"name": "say sorry",
"description": "opens chat, types 'sorry, my bad', presses enter. An action sequence item starting with {FREE_TEXT} tells the app to press each of the following keys in sequence. Numbers, letters, commas and full-stops only are supported.",
"voiceTriggers": [
"chat, say sorry"
"commandSets": [
"description": "r3e version",
"gameDefinition": "RACE_ROOM",
"actionSequence": [
"{FREE_TEXT}Sorry, my bad",
"keyPressTime": 10,
"waitBetweenEachCommand": 200