View Full Version : Audio through TV rather than laptop?

03-29-2020, 03:26 AM
Probably a dumb question, but I've got Crew Chief set up from my laptop with Project Cars 2 on my Xbox One and was wondering if it's possible to have the audio coming through the tv rather than my laptop? Am I right that Crew Chief can only receive data meaning this wouldn't be possible?

If not, does anyone know if it's possible to somehow play audio from a laptop through the tv while simultaneously using an Xbox? Thanks!

kentucky Kid 72
04-20-2020, 08:04 PM
Hi there , im same as you ive just downloaded crewchief tonight . but how do i connect laptop ,i.e usb from laptop to xbox

Rex Seattle
04-22-2020, 02:09 AM
Check the "Use nAudio for playback" box then set the sound output on the Crew Chief main screen to your TV.