View Full Version : Feature suggestion: Declare Rivals/Teammates

03-27-2020, 12:54 PM
First of all, I have to thank you for this awesome app. I couldn't know how to race without it.
I don't know if this is the correct forum for this but I have a feature suggestion.

I normally don't race alone, I like to race with people I know because it adds something to the race if you fight against your rival or friend and not just random people from the internet.
I would like to declare names as rivals in Crew Chief so that Jim keeps me updated on their status when they are pitting, going off track, etc. It would add to realism too because in real life they keep the drivers also updated about their teammates or championship rivals. In the setting, you would simply add the names (semicolon separated) and Jim knows who he needs to look after. I don't know if iRacing sends all the needed data but positions, best laps, pit stop or incidents should be possible.
What do other people think about this? It's the only thing I am missing from the F1 (Codemasters) series, where this feature was integrated, back when they still had online coop.

03-28-2020, 01:12 AM
I agree, that would be a great feature