View Full Version : Ideas/requests for CC

Jonah Hax
07-10-2017, 08:02 AM
I was wondering if the yellow flag warning could be tweaked. Right now it seems to be triggered too easily, like as soon as someone is outside the white line. It also triggers for incidents far away from you. If CC could delay the warning and then cancel it if the car that is out of bounds are getting onto the track again in a few seconds, I feel that would be better. Maybe also check if the car is going much slower than the other cars in that area which might indicate a real incident as opposed to someone who was just off track for 2 seconds.

And then I was also thinking if it was possible to get a warning about oncoming cars when you are trying to merge back to the track after an accident, like 'watch out behind' or something, maybe if CC could detect that I am off track and my speed is lower than traffic heading towards me. A lot of people seem to have problems getting back on track in a safe manner.

The fuel warning seems a bit wonky at times. I can leave pits with 30L and immediately get a warning that I am running on fumes and need to pit this lap. It only seems to happen at the beginning though.

Thank you for making this great app, Jim and Morten!