View Full Version : Did we lose Jim saying driver names or did I screw something up?

11-24-2019, 03:20 PM
I took a break from iRacing and when I came back I realized that although Jim is saying the the intro for who has fastest laps, I can't understand the voice saying the actual name. Is it just me or did I screw something up? Thanks in advance.

11-24-2019, 05:10 PM
is it a different voice? Perhaps you have TTS (text to speech) enable for driver names that don't have a sound recording? Check the 'TTS Setting' option - "Use TTS only when necessary" means it'll use TTS only if you ask "who's in front" or whatever, and the app has to give you a name. It'll always use a generic "the car" / "the driver" in cases where it can. If you change it to "Use TTS for all missing names" it'll use TTS whenever it reads info about another driver that can include a name and there's no recording for that name. I recommend "Use TTS only when necessary", but you can set it to "Always off" if you want