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03-07-2019, 10:34 AM

I'm not entirely sure of the best place to start this thread, so I'm starting it in the Assetto subforum as that's the sim our league is using. Lately we've been working on automating broadcasts. We have a private broadcast app that is showing driver information, switching cameras, following battles, and clicking the "drive" button at the relevant times to get out of the setup screens in AC with no human interaction (aside from joining the AC online lobby in the first place).

I've also been using Crew Chief to add some basic commentary to the stream. I have the source code and I've just started getting acclimated, and I have some questions that I'm guessing the main devs should weigh in on or provide some direction.

Car 0 in this scenario is very much a broadcasters car, and just sits in the pits and is not racing (as AC has no spectator mode). Having Car 0 be irrelevant in this context does not seem like something Crew Chief is currently considering as a relevant scenario, seeing as how it's whole purpose for being is related to providing information to a human driving a specific car. For the purposes of the automated broadcasts it would be far more useful to only ever get information about opponents (especially whenever the AC focusVehicle changes). I've adjusted as many settings as I can, but at some point I'm assuming I'll start making code changes.

So the actual questions part of this thread. :)

Does it seem reasonable to the current devs that CC could be modified to only give information about other cars? Does it seem reasonable to think that CC could detect changes to the focusVehicle in AC and then provide basic information about the cars position, most recent lap time, and gaps to whomever may be ahead/behind?

Taking this a step further, I'm also wondering if CC could act a bit like a "broadcast buddy" for a human announcer where messages about cars in the race are shown in a visual queue and then selected and played with a button press or hotkey.

Is this type of functionality so specialized that I should just plan to keep all this coding in a separate dev project that never integrates into the main CC app? I have no idea how much of this might be useful to anyone but myself and our league. :)



03-07-2019, 10:35 AM
Now I'm replying to my own thread so I can hopefully post some relevant links to information that may be deemed useful. :)

03-07-2019, 10:36 AM
Example of an AutoBroadcast:

My resources on RD:

08-18-2019, 01:51 PM
Hi there
i am trying to achieve the same thing as you but, i am not good at app developing. i am interested on how did you menage to auto send to pits and click steering wheel to start. can you show me all the apps you are using for the broadcasting? please it is very important as we have no much ppl and we can't sacrifice one player to do the streaming :)
Thanks in advance