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02-19-2019, 05:49 PM
I thought I found a thread that might answer this, but its appears to have been deleted due to a permission issue.

Crew Chief may replace other apps I have if I can get it to work the way I need it to; its all to do with Audio configuration. As many other apps are working properly right now, Changing defaults is not really an option.

Currently I do have Voice recognition working with Voice Attack/DRE.
Crew Chief tells me I'm missing some dependencies.
- this may be addressable via the Override default SoundPack location, or perhaps the Speech Recognition Country (txt), fields, but I haven't found documentation on that yet. I just installed Crew Chief 20 minutes ago so I'm sure there is still much I have to setup.

- The PTT button is recognized by CC, but when I press it, CC doesn't hear me.

- When I select Voice recognition more (Hold Button, or any other, Dependencies not met etc. Likely I have to tell CC where the voice recognition stuff is, but dont know where to do that. May require editing an ini file or a json file. That's fine, just tell me where...

I run 5 channels of audio (not 5.1, although I have a sub)
The audio device I have (MOTU 828 MI II) outputs 8 independant channels of audio Windows sees that as 4 stereo devices
- Game (main) is assigned to 1 stereo pair located forward
- Voice Attack /DRE & SRA are assigned to a separate pair.
- TS & Discord another pair.
These last two are panned hard left and right so audio goes to just one speaker. each speaker is located to my left or right, but somewhat behind me. This helps immensely with clarity as I know even in a noisy environment, whos talking based on position sound is coming from.

I need to have crew chief coming from one of these other outputs, which is not the default.
I also need Crew Chief to recognize the currently installed and functioning Speech Recognition

Is this possible, or can someone point me to where in CC I can tell it which devices to use.


02-19-2019, 06:24 PM
Search the properties for "naudio" and enable that.

02-19-2019, 06:48 PM
Search the properties for "naudio" and enable that.

Brilliant! Yup, that was what i needed to assign outputs. Thanks!
I didn't recognize the terminolgy.

Any thoughts on why Voice Recognition not available?