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  1. Known Issues.
  2. Installed and working!
  3. issue of wrong car
  4. error report
  5. No damage report
  6. feature requests
  7. update and shortcuts
  8. Delay in calling the end of race.
  9. Disabling lap time reports altogether
  10. Fuel calculation returning extremely wrong value
  11. Fuel calculation returning extremely wrong value
  12. Wrong track temperature in Celsius
  13. Reporting wrong position
  14. Force lap time reports every lap?
  15. Can we get a Pitbox Countdown?
  16. Definitive iRacing setup
  17. How to re-assign keystrikes
  18. Issue with iRacing
  19. Errors causing crewchief not to work with iRacing
  20. Problems with Iracing install
  21. Disqualified! Because of CrewChief?
  22. Iracing unable to assign spotter button
  23. iRacing Team Events Odd Behavior
  24. Delayed Reports
  25. Position feedback incorrect
  26. iRating reporting
  27. Laptime reporting improvements
  28. 2 click on radio, no message
  29. Fuel Planning Values
  30. Great App but... position and time incorrect, fuel calculation query
  31. Under iRacing Oval Yellow Flag Laps, relax Spotter info please!
  32. Help me understand
  33. Talk to Crew Chief Assignment
  34. Settings gone after update
  35. Rallycross Joker interpreted as fastest lap, other requests too
  36. Lap counts off - when lapped
  37. Can you add the option to say gallon instead of liters for fueling?
  38. Pit countdown not working on iracing ovals most of the time
  39. Wrong track temperature readings
  40. Wrong fuel consumption calculation
  41. How to disable oil temperature call-out?
  42. Can we have the option to turn off certain spotter comments during race?